No Equal Rights for Whites or Men


Sexual Equality

A post from a group on Facebook read: “We never hear about men’s rights because rights, equality, liberation is for women only.”

I think it is uglier than that. We never here about men’s rights for the same reason we never hear about Caucasian rights; because “whites and men are not minorities, are never discriminated against, and rule the world.”

This is the meme society feeds us. That whites and/or men don’t need any equality because we “rule the world.” Never mind that the overwhelming majority of whites don’t rule anything more than their pet cat or dog, or that many men live in squalor. Those don’t matter because “white men rule the world.”

If you are both white and a man, you should never expect to be taken seriously about any complaint regarding inequality in society. According to this meme you neither have the right to complain, nor anything to complain about. As a white man, I know. I hear it all the time in internet discussions. I see the toxic waste dump of the “white men rule” meme all the time. It is everywhere. So much so, that it has become invisible to almost everyone and simply accepted as fact.

This meme must be destroyed for the same reason as all other racist memes. It is destructive to a sub-segment of society, and based on phony myths and legends. At present, a person can not get away with racism against nearly any race, except whites.  A person can not get away with sexism against women, but against men, there seems to be no issue. Turn on the TV and watch a few comedy shows, and you’ll see so much man-bashing that it is ridiculous. Watch a few crime dramas, and the white-bashing is found in similarly plentiful supply, and nearly always portrayed as either humorous or as justice.  But when the opposites are portrayed (racism against minorities or sexism against women), they are portrayed as evil, wrong, bad, a plague on society.

Most white men are the poor jerks who live in near poverty and who farm your food, load it on to trucks, drive it across the country, stock it on to shelves, and take your money at the check-out counter. Just a few examples of regular people and how most people, regardless of their color or sex, belong to the common group of ordinary people.

The truth is that an incredibly small percentage of white men ever rule anything, and you’ll find blacks, Jews, Asians, Latinos, women, and every other persuasion of people standing with them. The truth is that only a small percentage (1-5%) of people rule the world, and they are all types of people – not just white men.

We need to destroy the ugly and destructive myth that “white men rule the world.”

The truth is that the people with the majority of the money rule the world. An economic oligarchy controls this planet, and that group includes people of every persuasion, not just whites or just men.

Stop blaming white men.

Start pointing your racist/sexist fingers at the oligarchy instead.

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