Top 10 Issues of Male Inequality


Sexual Equality

One of my biggest interests is sexual inequality, and particularly discrimination and hatred of men, especially as relates to the lies of feminism. Accordingly, this is a list of what I view as the top ten issues of disparity for men in the USA (and the same issues apply in many modern, industrialized western nations).

10. Begin the work needed to address institutionalized misandry. While institutionalized misogyny has been of great concern, and people around the world have worked hard to combat it, almost nothing has been done to address misandry. Currently, I could point to various forms of institutionalized misandry…in essence, everything on this list could be an item on the list of institutionalized misandry.

9. Repeal VAWA, the sexist “Violence Against Women Act,” which ignores the hundreds of thousands of male victims, and unfairly paints men as an abuser class. Work to end the sexist discrimination of the “domestic violence” industry, which is frequently built upon feminist lies and disinformation…misandry. The VAWA is a giant piece of codified legal sexism, and should be gotten rid of or replaced with something that at least pretends to be egalitarian.

8. Ensure a safe workplace for men. While women-only and female-predominated workplaces have very high safety (based on job injury and fatality rates), men-only and male-predominated occupations have the highest injury and fatality rates of any occupations. More needs to be done to make “men’s work” more safe. Often it comes down to simple things like making oil drillers use slightly better hoses that cost the parent companies pennies on the dollar.

7. Create parity in spending on medical research. Female-only or female-predominant issues receive far more government and private funding than male-only or male-predominant issues. Breast cancer and prostrate cancer kill similar numbers of people every year, and yet there is no national campaign against prostate cancer, there are no men wearing little blue ribbons, etc. This is just one example, there are hundreds.

6. End sexist discrimination in the criminal courts. Men receive the short end of the stick at every post along the road of the legal system, and women receive the benefit of the doubt. End discriminatory legal fictions such as the notion that a woman killing a man in his sleep can be self defense. We don’t accept that from men, and shouldn’t accept it from women. This is just one example. There are many others.

5. End sexist discrimination in the child and family law courts. Men lose their kids in 80% of contested cases. Mostly men fail to pay support, and mostly women deny visitation to ex-spouses. Yet the legal system spends $10 to chase down every “deadbeat dad” who has not paid compared to the $1 it spends to chase down every woman who denied her ex-husband visitation. In other words, if you’re a man, you’ll be reamed, but if you’re a woman, you’ll be allowed to get away with your crime unchallenged. This is only one example. The issues extend to alimony, child support, child custody, separation of property in a divorce, paternity fraud, and many other issues.

4. Work to reverse the loss of boys and young men in the educational system. Men are dropping out of school and failing to get degrees at higher and higher rates. Boys are falling way behind girls statistically. Nothing has been done to address the high and rising levels of inequalilty of the sexes in school, and schools and the overall educational system still tend to treat girls as the “underprivileged” class at school, despite the fact that the statistics tell the opposite story. This is already causing ripples in the workforce that will only worsen if the issue is left unadressed, or worse, continues to be left in the hands of feminists who will hear nothing of men’s concerns.

3. Provide equal reproductive rights to both sexes. At present, the reproductive rights of women are not specifically guaranteed, and men have no reproductive rights whatsoever…anywhere…of any kind. Men’s and women’s rights should be made equal in this area…either we both have the same rights, or neither of us has those rights. Any other solution is a sexist legal fiction and institutionalized sexism.

2. Protect the genitals of males. Female genitals are protected by law in numerous nations, but male genitals are not protected. This is sexist discrimination, and the genital mutilation of boys must be put to a stop. For those who can’t translate genital mutilation into it’s more commont term, it is also known as “circumcision.”

1. End the Selective Service. It is unconstitutional, a violation of human rights, and women are not forced to submit to it. By these three measures it should be dismantled permanently for being both sexist and inhumane.

Do you think there are other issues that should have appeared on this list? What would you add or subtract. Please add comments with your suggestions for the list, or let me know if you’d like to see an article that goes into greater detail on any one of these issues.

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