Arguing Against Statism

statismI am an anarchist, and I get really annoyed speaking with statists.  Their reasoning and ideas are so deeply flawed, and they’re so hopelessly inured of them that it feels like banging my head against a wall.  So I’ve written this post to (hopefully) shine a bright light into the face of darkness.

Anarchism, Libertarianism and other like philosophies are rooted in the (outlandish?) notion that interactions between humans should be conducted voluntarily rather than forcibly.  The State always uses force, and thus I am opposed to the State.

First: I want you to imagine for a moment that the entire planet is overrun with Mafia families. No matter where you go, except for extremely remote places, the Mafia rules in one form or another. Different families control their domains differently.

  • All families share the trait of “The Protection Racket.”  For those unfamiliar with Mafia concepts, The Protection Racket is when a couple of mafiosi drop by your business one night after closing, and offer you “insurance” or “protection.”  The implication is that if you don’t pay them money, they’ll bust up you and your business, and if you do, they’ll protect you from other Mafia families. It’s a better deal than having your legs and your merchandise busted up, so most people take it. The ones that don’t end up maimed or dead.
  • All families share the trait of murdering people who disagree with the Mafia’s rules and tactics, such as The Protection Racket.
  • In some families, the Godfather is elected. In others, he assumes control by overthrowing the previous Godfather. In yet others, the role of Godfather is passed down in families from one generation to the next.
  • In some families, the Godfather is fairly benevolent, and only demands a small percentage of profits as Protection Money.  In others, the Godfather demands all but a pittance, leaving those in his domain living in squalor.
  • In some families, the Godfather just locks offenders in a dark hole for a while, where they’re raped by other offenders.  In other families, the Godfather dispatches all offenders with machetes and machine guns.

Imagine this is true everywhere on Earth, and the only way to escape it is to run up into remote mountains and hide, or find your way to a remote island and never leave it.

Second: I want you to imagine talking to a friend about this situation.  Your conversation goes something like this:

You: You know, this whole Mafia business really sucks.  I can’t take it anymore.  We should have a world where we don’t have to pay Protection, and nobody gets killed by the Godfather.

Friend: Yeah, I know.  It really sucks.  Well maybe you should vote for a better Godfather.

You: A better Godfather!?  How’s that going to change anything?  Every Godfather in history has been a thieving murderous thug!

Friend: Well hey, you have some good ideas, there.  You should join the Mafia and work from the inside to change it.

You: Join the Mafia!?  Are you crazy?  I just said I’m against Protection Rackets and murder!  What don’t you understand about that?

Friend: Oh, so you’re lazy and apathetic. No wonder nothing ever changes!

You: NO!  I’m neither lazy nor apathetic. I just don’t see how stooping to their level and joining the Mafia is going to solve anything.  They’ll still be murdering thieving thugs, even if I join up.  All that will happen by my joining is that I’ll be forced to run Protection Rackets on people, and then I’ll actually be responsible for the theft and violence by supporting the organization behind them.

Friend: Well, buddy…this local Godfather is one of the best.  You should just suck it up and deal with it.

You: Suck it up!?  Why should I have to suck it up.  We’re talking about theft and murder here.  Doesn’t that bother you!?

Friend: Of course it bothers me, but we have the best Godfather around, that’s all I’m saying.  If you don’t like him, you can get the fuck out and live somewhere else?

You: And where would you suggest?  Should I go up and hide in the mountains and live like a hermit!?  Or run off to some remote island, and just hope that the Godfather that has already claimed that island never shows up!?

Friend: Yep.  Those are your only choices.  If you don’t want to live with a Godfather, you’ll have to do one of those.  It’s the only way.

You: I think we should stop complying with the Godfathers, and tell them to go fuck themselves.  If enough of us do it together, there will be nothing they can do to stop us.

Friend: Oh, tell me another one! You’ll never get enough people to go along with that.  Besides, listen to yourself. How would the world survive without Godfathers.  It would be chaos. People would be stealing and killing like animals in the street without the Godfathers to protect them!

You: Are you listening to yourself?  You just said that murdering thieves are REQUIRED to protect us from murdering thieves.  Do you realize how ridiculous that sounds!?

Friend: That’s just the way the world works, buddy.  I didn’t make it up.  It has always been this way.

You: Nonsense!  There was a time before the Godfathers….

Friend: Fairy stories in books, my friend.  We couldn’t return to those times even if they were real, because everyone is so used to the Godfathers that they’d go nuts without them…..

The Points: Well, if you don’t see the point, dare I say it: you’re a fool.

  • “Love it or leave it” is a nonsense rationale when the entire world is run by the Mafia.
  • “Join the Mafia and change it from the inside” is a nonsense rationale when it turns the joiner into a thieving killer.
  • “Vote for a new Godfather” is a nonsense rationale when ALL Godfathers are thieving killers.

In Summation:

  • When you argue in favor of the state, you argue in favor of theft and violence. There is no known exception to the rule that States always engage in some form or another of both theft and violence.
  • Because every politician is a perpetrator of theft and violence through working in a system of theft and violence, when you cast a vote in the system, no matter for whom or what you choose to vote, you always vote in favor of the idea that it is right and good that some people should use coercion, theft and violence in order to force others to submit to their will.  Thus, voting itself is an act of indirect violence on everyone who disagrees with the policy or person you have voted for.  By voting, you make yourself into a perpetrator of violence.
  • Because the system is one of violence, and no known system of governance has ever avoided this fact, your participation in any system of governance over your fellow humans constitutes an act of violence against them.
  • We shall never rid ourselves of the violence of society if we continue to unconsciously perpetrate it upon each other.
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