Imagine if…

Imagine that you are a woman, and you were born in 1968. As a child, you fantasized about having a husband and family of your own one day. When you grew older, those fantasies started to take on a more sexual nature, and you began to imagine losing your virginity and having sex with a man you loved. Imagine that you read about sex, love, and intimacy in magazines and books, and saw it portrayed in the cinema. It was usually portrayed either as something beautiful, emotional, and pleasurable, or sometimes as something raw, dirty, and lustful. Whenever you saw portrayals of a person having sex without consent, it was portrayed as evil, horrible, and destructive. So, naturally you were interested in sex. You wanted to feel that pleasure for yourself. You thought about it often, and couldn’t wait until you met that special man you felt safe enough to share your first sexual experience with.

Imagine that such a man finally came along, and after several months of courtship and fooling around, you decided it was time to lose your virginity. You shared yourself with him, and it was…painful…not much to speak of. You asked around for more information from your friends, and discovered this was not uncommon the first time, or even the first few times. Some of your friends told you that all you needed was more practice and experience, so you kept trying. Read more »

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