This site contains the opinions and rantings of myself, e.b. sarver.  A variety of topics are covered, with a focus on controversial topics of sexual inequality under the law, politics, ethics, and economics.

e.b. sarver

e.b. sarver

I’ve been writing about, discussing, arguing, and generally just raising a stink about a wide array of controversial topics ever since I was a young kid.  It has only increased with age.

Far from being a crumudgeon, I’m very much an optimist about our future as humans on this little blue rock that’s floating through space.  Indeed, if human history shows us one thing, it is that there is a general trend toward greater self-responsibility, toward greater personal freedom, toward lessening crime, etc.  Yes, there are many times in human history when the tide has turned backward, and these trends have reversed themselves briefly.  The overall direction of human progress, however, has always been toward greater freedom, prosperity and power for the whole of our species.

I see no reason why we should expect that to change.

I only see it accelerating as we push forward into the 21st Century.

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