Voluntaryism: Building an Authentic Human Civilization

Anarchism = Peace

Anarchism = Peace

When I stand up for voluntaryism in my life, people often make the argument to me that people are inherently evil, and will inherently do evil to one another, and that without government to protect the people, they will suffer.

If you believe our species to truly have this within our nature, then I say to you that you have never watched the development of children. No child is born with the belief in the divinity of their own race above all others. No child is born believing in the divinity of Barack Obama. No child is born believing in the divinity of United States of America, or Caucasians, or Catholics, Muslims, Jews, or what-the-hell-ever.

When a child does wrong, either by intent or by accident, we can see the immediate guilt upon them. They feel bad, regardless of whether they meant to cause harm or not.

No child believes in destroying his fellows without first being brutalized by an adult, or one of his peers. Read more »

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The Death of Money: Emergence and Economics

the death of money

The death of money

Will money become obsolete in the mid-21st-century?

Will technological changes within the next fifty years bring forth an era of super-abundance on Earth, such that a new moneyless vision of human transactions emerges naturally?  It is my assertion that this next great step for human interactions has become inevitable.  All economic roads eventually lead to the end of money in the next century.

[Note: Herein, “money” is defined as “any symbolic medium of exchange.”  It might be beads, or shells, or coins, or slips of paper, or numbers in a database.  In any case, it is understood that the money itself is generally purely symbolic of “value” (except where it takes the form of precious metals) and of little use except in that it may be exchanged for objects of real value.] Read more »

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