Imagine if…

Imagine that you are a woman, and you were born in 1968. As a child, you fantasized about having a husband and family of your own one day. When you grew older, those fantasies started to take on a more sexual nature, and you began to imagine losing your virginity and having sex with a man you loved. Imagine that you read about sex, love, and intimacy in magazines and books, and saw it portrayed in the cinema. It was usually portrayed either as something beautiful, emotional, and pleasurable, or sometimes as something raw, dirty, and lustful. Whenever you saw portrayals of a person having sex without consent, it was portrayed as evil, horrible, and destructive. So, naturally you were interested in sex. You wanted to feel that pleasure for yourself. You thought about it often, and couldn’t wait until you met that special man you felt safe enough to share your first sexual experience with.

Imagine that such a man finally came along, and after several months of courtship and fooling around, you decided it was time to lose your virginity. You shared yourself with him, and it was…painful…not much to speak of. You asked around for more information from your friends, and discovered this was not uncommon the first time, or even the first few times. Some of your friends told you that all you needed was more practice and experience, so you kept trying. Read more »

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Please Do Not Bike on the Sidewalk

don't bike on the sidewalk

A law common to most US cities.

Okay, so I’m an anarchist, and therefore not a fan of laws, lawyers, the nanny state, or other such deplorable ideas, but I am a fan of acting smart and in ways that support my fellow humans, rather than to potentially harm them.  This is the primary reason I always ride my bike in the street, unless the sidewalk is the only option. Bike safety should be important to any cyclist who wants to stay alive when riding on the city streets. This message is in the interest of preserving the safety of both cyclists and those they must interact with when navigating the cars and pedestrians in the city.

I consistently see people riding their bikes on the sidewalk, and I’ve nearly been run down by them a number of times as a pedestrian, as well as having nearly run over them a number of times as a driver of an automobile. Biking on the sidewalk is just plain dangerous.

There are at least three really important reasons that cycling on the sidewalk is illegal, cyclists.  I don’t do it.  Why?  Not because it is illegal.  Not because of the signs or laws or cops or tickets I might receive.  Because: Read more »

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Ethical Social Networking

ethics cloudEveryone seems to be into social networking these days.  You read it online everywhere.  Facebook this, Myspace that, Twitter the other….  It seems like everyone enjoys communicating online, and many of us via social sites.  I’ve also been reading a lot lately about the boon that social networking has been to charities and non-profits.  All of those people sharing links and info has resulted in more money heading into the coffers of those who seek to change our world for the better.  While this is all good, I began to wonder about the personal responsibility  and specific actions I could take as an individual to make the world of social networking a more ethical place.

I have been using computers and networks for many years.  I was one of those guys out there cruising on the internet and other networks before there ever was a World Wide Web to surf.  In all that time, I have learned a great deal about etiquette and ethics in the online domain from friends and coworkers.

Friends have written nasty emails to me, and vice versa.  I’ve been on both the giving and the receiving end of digital miscommunication; where the sender’s emotional content was misinterpreted by the receiver – a commonplace occurrence with computers.  I have witnessed firsthand long email battles, and even participated in a few.  I’ve visited the newsgroups and the forums, and seen some of what passes for communication there.

I’ve also spent a lot of time reading about things we can do to communicate more effectively, and to let people know when our buttons get pushed without pushing back.  So here are a few of my handy little suggestions for what to do to be a responsible, ethical social networker: Read more »

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Top 10 Issues of Male Inequality


Sexual Equality

One of my biggest interests is sexual inequality, and particularly discrimination and hatred of men, especially as relates to the lies of feminism. Accordingly, this is a list of what I view as the top ten issues of disparity for men in the USA (and the same issues apply in many modern, industrialized western nations).

10. Begin the work needed to address institutionalized misandry. While institutionalized misogyny has been of great concern, and people around the world have worked hard to combat it, almost nothing has been done to address misandry. Currently, I could point to various forms of institutionalized misandry…in essence, everything on this list could be an item on the list of institutionalized misandry.

9. Repeal VAWA, the sexist “Violence Against Women Act,” which ignores the hundreds of thousands of male victims, and unfairly paints men as an abuser class. Work to end the sexist discrimination of the “domestic violence” industry, which is frequently built upon feminist lies and disinformation…misandry. The VAWA is a giant piece of codified legal sexism, and should be gotten rid of or replaced with something that at least pretends to be egalitarian.

8. Ensure a safe workplace for men. While women-only and female-predominated workplaces have very high safety (based on job injury and fatality rates), men-only and male-predominated occupations have the highest injury and fatality rates of any occupations. More needs to be done to make “men’s work” more safe. Often it comes down to simple things like making oil drillers use slightly better hoses that cost the parent companies pennies on the dollar.
Read more »

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Cyclists and Pedestrians are People, Too!

pedestrian auto accidentHaving been nearly run over or run off the road by countless drivers over the years, I feel these tips are imperative. Please treat cyclists and pedestrians with some respect, drivers! Here are some tips for you:

  • Do not open your door if you see a cyclist coming up behind you. Because I’m not in a two ton hunk of steel, I will almost certainly break my bones when this happens. Trust me, it will be you who will pay for my injuries, even if I have to take you to court and have them order you to pay me for the rest of your life. Why? Because you will be the one guilty of breaking the law and my bones, simple and plain. Have some respect. Don’t open your door right in front of me. I saw you look. I saw you make eye contact with me. Why did you open your door, asshole!? You’re just lucky I dodged you. My bike tire could easily have shattered your pelvis as you exited your vehicle. Read more »
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No Equal Rights for Whites or Men


Sexual Equality

A post from a group on Facebook read: “We never hear about men’s rights because rights, equality, liberation is for women only.”

I think it is uglier than that. We never here about men’s rights for the same reason we never hear about Caucasian rights; because “whites and men are not minorities, are never discriminated against, and rule the world.”

This is the meme society feeds us. That whites and/or men don’t need any equality because we “rule the world.” Never mind that the overwhelming majority of whites don’t rule anything more than their pet cat or dog, or that many men live in squalor. Those don’t matter because “white men rule the world.” Read more »

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Who is Oppressed?

If we examined a group of people, a subset of society, and discovered that the group shared the following characteristics, would you call that group “advantaged” or “disadvantaged”? Would you call this group the “oppressor” or the “oppressed”?

oppressionMembers of the group:

  • make up 85% of the homeless
  • are statistically most likely to perish from any one of the major illnesses that kill in the world
  • are substantially more likely to be charged with a crime, given exactly the same set of circumstances, when compared to the general populace
  • when charged with a crime, are substantially more likely to be convicted
  • when convicted of a crime, are substantially more likely to receive a stiffer sentence, and thousands of times more likely to receive the death penalty
  • once sentenced for a crime, are substantially less likely to receive early release
  • drop out of school far more frequently
  • commit suicide more frequently
  • go to college and graduate studies less frequently
  • make up 90% of the people who die in work-related injuries, and the overwhelming majority of those who do not die in work-related illness or injury
  • lose access to their children more frequently in divorce
  • get access to their homes less frequently in divorce
  • make up 90% or more of those working the most dirty and dangerous jobs of society
  • pay more of the taxes while simultaneously collecting less of the benefits
  • can be involuntarily conscripted into armed service
  • are more likely to die in war
  • are not protected against genital mutilation, while the rest of society is

Who is this group?

Is it African Americans?


Some other minority?

Nope. It is men. Just ordinary men. Not of any particular race, religion or cultural history. Just men.

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