A Few Questions About Animal Rights

animal rights protest

If humans don't eat them, what will?

There’s one question that I’ve never seen adequately answered by any of the animal rights activists with whom I’ve discussed the issue:

What do you think will happen to all those animals when humans stop eating them?

Humans are the only natural predator left for the majority of them. Think about it. Some species will run amok, others will go through mass starvations and die-offs, and others may simply go extinct. At the very least, ecosystems that now have at least some form of balance will become totally unbalanced and spend decades if not centuries re-adjusting to the new circumstances before they reach equilibrium. If you can answer how to deal with this issue without killing animals, I’m all ears. So far, the animal rights folks I have spoken with score a zero with useful responses. All their solutions ultimately end up in mass casualties of animals, which were going to happen anyway, if we just left things as they are. If anyone reading this post has a legitimate and workable response that does not involve killing animals, I’ll be super-impressed. Read more »

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